Family Camp

I was at the synod offices recently for a youth ministry meeting with Bishop Andy and in reporting our ministries to each other I was amazed at the glowing reports from those who have gone to Family Camp through Luther Glen Farm.  The importance of intergenerational spiritual opportunities is the foundation for faith development and that is not only the experience of these youth and family ministers, it is also the conclusion of extensive research.  Wouldn't you like to help insure the spiritual maturity of your children?  Wouldn't you like to have a sense of unity and excitement for faith with your children?  Camping has always been the heart of youth ministry.  Literally!  Whenever I taught a confirmation class I knew that filling young minds with Christian facts often did not guarantee a life of faith in later years.  If I really wanted to have a lasting spiritual impact on the lives of children and youth I needed to take them to camp where the heart was impacted.  I also knew that the best result of going to camp was the relationship between the children and their counselors, so I would always take my own counselors so I could bring those relationships home to the church I was serving.  Through a family camp the relationships that can be affected most can be the relationship of a parent with their children or a relationship with a caring adult of the congregation who could also attend the family camp.  I encourage couples or single adults who do not have children, to also attend family camp to create that sense of the larger family within the church.  If you are interested look up "LRCC" on the internet which stands for "Lutheran Retreats Camps and Conferences" and seek "Information & Registration" for Family Winterfest.  The Luther Glen Farm retreat is February 7-9.  (This camp may be filled, but registration for Summer Camp is open) There are a limited number of spaces, available on a first come, first serve basis. If you’re interested in attending, please register on their website as soon as possible. This could be a wonderful opportunity for meaningful spiritual enrichment and if you cannot come on such short notice maybe those who attend will convince you to attend next year. Pastor Rick