Sowing Seeds

I love gardening!  I just came in from making sure that my watering system is working as intended.  In some instances the water was running off the plant and not doing any real good.  Just wasted water.  I had to dig around the plant so the water could reach the roots below.  In another instance I had to find the tubing for a new plant and make sure it was not clogged.  I was afraid that the previous plant had died for lack of water because that life-line of water wasn’t working.  I certainly do not want to waste money on a new plant that dies for lack of water.  Everything is perfect now and I can go through the summer without worry or waste. Taking care of the spiritual life of our church is like gardening for me.  I love it!!  I need to make sure that everyone is well watered with the Word and the Holy Spirit.  That’s why I am writing daily devotions.  The Word of God is rich and you are the good soil, but even good soil needs water.  I enjoy leading our recorded worship service and Preschool Chapel.  How wonderful to be in the homes of each of our members and in the homes of our preschool parents with faith, love and joy.  I am also sharing our worship service with my father-in-law in Florida.  Often God has a plan to bless even when the times are most difficult. I am really happy with our Zoom fellowship hour.  We meet from 10:30am to 11:30am every Sunday and I am so impressed by the depth of feelings that are shared.   We have both tears and laughter!  The depth of emotion that is shared is a great gift to all who attend.  We all hope to be back together soon, but that depends on forces much beyond our control.  We will not meet together in person again until it is safe to do so.  There may be transitions for us to come together safely.  We may be asked to wear masks in worship.  We may be asked to sit six feet apart.  The adjustments are possible but at what cost?  I do not believe we should risk the health of our vulnerable members.  How horrible it would be for us to bring people together who are seniors or who have compromised health conditions when we just have lost patience.  What the church needs to survive is your offerings and your prayers.  The church will survive because I know you are faithful.  I am proud to be your pastor.  I look forward to the time when you get your new pastor and I can tell the new pastor all the wonderful blessings you are to each other and the world. Pastor Rick