I love gardening!  I just came in from making sure that my watering system is working as intended.  In some instances the water was running off the plant and not doing any real good.  J
Luther Glen Farm sunset
I am pleased to report that my commitment to Pastor Dave Nagler at Christ Lutheran Pacific Beach has taken another sharp turn.  Even before I came to St.
St Peters by the Sea Organ Pipes
I'm back!!   My wife Deby and I started off on our retirement road trip on March 6th.  On the evening of March 5th I was in the ER with severe pain.  I had a kidney stone but I was cl
St Peters by the Sea Sanctuary

To listen to ELCA Bishop Elizabeth Eaton's message, follow this link

I am preparing to go on a long planned road trip with my wife Deby during the month of March.  Deby has retired from her career at American Specialty Health February 15th and we have be
I was at the synod offices recently for a youth ministry meeting with Bishop Andy and in reporting our ministries to each other I was amazed at the glowing reports from those who have g
R Schowalter
Pastor Rick is our "Bridge Pastor" which is the pastor who will serve St.
St Peters by the Sea Sanctuary
Well, I don’t really have heart burn, but my heart is burning…burning with love for St.
St. Peter's by the Sea Council 2019
There is a lot going on at St.
I just returned from my annual trip to Minnesota for a reunion with friends from my husband’s seminary class.  I’m usually able to connect with some of my friends from college days as w