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  • new kitten
This month I want to be explicit about the plans for my upcoming maternity leave and let you know what to expect, who to call, and hopefully answer any questions you’ve been wondering a
  • Advent Waiting

Advent begins with these words from the Gospel of Matthew:

  • Homelessness Focus Group

Maybe you’ve noticed that just about every other Sunday, Scott Walls has a group of people in the conference room hard at work during coffee hour.  He has been convening the

  • St Peters by the Sea - Tree Blossom
When the pandemic first began and the world stood still, the ecosystems around us did some pretty amazing things.  New wildlife was spotted on neighborhood walks, the beaches became inh
  • GWOH
Hello Beloveds, A hunger that many of us live with is the hunger for meaningful, genuine engagement; that kind of deep exchange with a person or a topic or a place that doesn’t leave u
  • prayers
Right before Palm Sunday in 2021, the San Diego Convention Center became a shelter for something like 1,400 migrant girls who had crossed the border and were awaiting processing and reu
  • visitors

“All are welcome does not mean that anything goes.”

  • Pastor Bekki

Hello beloveds at St. Peter’s, 

Instead of highlighting what’s coming up or reflecting on the events of the past month I want to write about preaching.

  • Lent

What are you dying to right now? To what do you need to die?  What do you need to let go of in order to live?

  • soccer

In Anne Lamott’s book, Bird by Bird, she quotes Kurt Vonnegut and writes: