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St. Peter's by the Sea Lutheran Church
The latest Sunday sermon preached at St. Peter's

Starting with March 26, 2020, we have been doing video services instead of audio. Those services are posted to YouTube with links below.

Recent audio sermons are stored as mp3 and played with an HTML5 audio player. The player presents a link to download the mp3 file separately. Older sermons were converted to an audio file using Windows Media Encoder. To listen to the older sermons, you need a media player that can play ".wma" files. We have found that VLC media player works well. We have encoded captions in the file that describe each portion (e.g. "First Reading", "Epistle", "Gospel", etc.) You may need to enable your audio player to display them. We have also encoded hyperlinks to webpages that display the text of the scriptures (e.g. If you want to see the text of the scriptures, you may need to enable your audio player to allow the hyperlinks.

You can Left-click the links to play the audio sermons directly, or you can right-click the links and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" to save the sermon file to your computer.

Previous Sermons from St. Peter's

This page was updated on March 25, 2023.