St. Peter's by the Sea is led by our Pastor and our Church Council. The Congregation Council is made up of elected leaders who are members of the congregation, who govern according to the congregation's constitution. 

Congregation Council

  • Executive Committee:
    • Pastor Rebekkah Lorhmann (Pastor Bekki)
    • Ellen Schmeding, President, Stewardship (2022)
    • Darlene Morrow-Truver, Vice President, Preschool, Christian Service (appt.)
    • Brenda Johnson, Treasurer, (2022)
    • Lyle Boelter, Secretary, Education (2022)
  • Jon O'Brien, Fellowship (2022)
  • Fletcher Miller, Property (2023)
  • Steve Silva, Worship
  • Maya Slaughter, Youth (appt.)

2021 Committees

Audit Committee - Sandra Boelter (2021) Greg Lommen (2022), Richard Nielsen (2023)

Christian Service Committee - Darlene Morrow-Truver, chair
Brenda Johnson, Elaine Lauger, Diane Sherwood, Lora Thompson, Darlene Thygerson, Betty Wells

Christian Education Committee - Lyle Boelter, chair
Sandra Boelter, Colleen Doering, Elaine Lauger, Deirdre Slaughter, John Smart, Darlene Truver, Terri Webster

Employee Relations Committee - Pastor Bekki, Ellen Schmeding, Darlene Morrow-Truver

Endowment Committee - Diane Sherwood, chair
Duane Beck (2021), Diane Sherwood (2021), Richard Doering (2022), Gail Bennett (appointed, 2022), Charles Lauger (2023), Shawn Morrow (2023)

Evangelism Committee -
Jeff Cours, Steve Silva

Fellowship Committee - Jon O'Brien, chair
Joan Allton, Gail & Dean Bennett, Christina Fadden, Sue Fode, Joetta Foster, Janine Morrow, Barbara Nielsen, Ellen Schmeding, Diane Sherwood, Lora Thompson, Darlene Thygerson, Betty Wells

Financial Support Committee - Brenda Johnson, Council Treasurer
Lyle Beller, Ade Christensen, Sue Fode, Brenda Johnson, Charles Lauger, Jennifer O'Brien, Kathy Rahilly, Steve Silva

Health and Wellness Committee - Joan Allton, chair
Sue Fode, Betty Wells
Prayer Shawl Ministry - Solveig Fuentes and Carolyn Irby, co-chairs

Mutual Ministry Committee -
Darlene Thygerson (2020), Brenda Johnson (2021), __________ (2022),

Nominating Committee -
Allison Crews, Colleen Doering, Solveig Fuentes, Jim Grutkowski, Deirdre Encarnación-Slaughter, Lora Thompson

Preschool Committee - Darlene Morrow-Truver, chair
Dori Hoadley/Rebekah Mack, Brenda Johnson

Property Committee - Fletcher Miller, chair
Shawn Morrow, Richard Nielsen, Ellen Schmeding

Stewardship Committee - Ellen Schmeding, chair
Richard Doering, Elaine Lauger, Ellen Schmeding, John Smart, Darlene Morrow-Truver

Worship Committee - Steve Silva, chair
Lyle Boelter, Jane Christensen, Joe DeMers, Charles Lauger, Elaine Lauger, Diane Sherwood, Evan Smart

Newsletter Editor - Christy Gilsdorf