Staff Directory

Pastor: Rev. Karen LaFollette Marohn

I arrived at St. Peter's on May 1, 2003 to begin my pastorate in this weather-paradise called San Diego. I spent the first half of my life in South Dakota so I know something about weather! My adult years in the mid-west were spent serving the Roman Catholic Church; first as a pastoral associate doing youth ministry, liturgy and Christian education for all ages and then as the parish pastor (called the pastoral administrator) in several rural congregations. The best part of those years was participating in team ministry and working with so many great people.

Preschool Director: Denise Langlois

I have worked at St. Peter’s Preschool since August of 2006. I taught for a year and then St. Peter's by the Sea Lutheran Church gave me the opportunity to take on the Director position in November of 2007. I am a native of San Diego and OB – I went to OB Elementary, Collier (now known as Correia) and Point Loma High School - Class of ’83.

Office Administrator: Janine Morrow

I grew up in a small town in the California desert and moved to San Diego in my late teens; one visit to the beach was all it took.

My husband and I had visited St. Peter's sporadically when our children were young and after several visits, we realized that this was the church home for us. Our children were confirmed at St. Peter’s and are now adults out on their own.

Music Director: Doris Dechenne

I was born and raised in southwest Washington state in a little town called Hockinson. It was a small Finnish community with a public school, a volunteer fire department, and FIVE Lutheran churches. We had a small farm with a creek that was a marvelous place for children to grow up. I was raised going to church all week-end. My Mother, a Seventh-Day Adventist, and my Father, a Christian Scientist took my sister and I to church regularly. I was "born" playing the piano.

Financial Secretary: Elaine Lauger

My work background is 20+ years in data processing as a computer operator, a network operator and a computer programmer. I learned my computer skills in the US Marine Corps.

In 1988, I met and married my husband, Charles Lauger, here at St Peter’s.

Health and Wellness Outreach: Betty Wells

I grew up in the Air Force, starting school in England and graduating from high school in Hawaii – I attended a total of thirteen schools before I was 18. My mother made sure I attended church during my growing up years, but I remained ‘un-churched’ for most of my adult life.

Moving to San Diego in 1996 after 35 years on the East Coast, I was looking for a fresh perspective in my life. Walking into St. Peter’s by the Sea one Sunday morning a few years later felt like ‘coming home’, and for the last 10 years it has been my pleasure to enjoy and serve my Church Family.