Pastor Rick's Message

Luther Glen Farm sunset
I am pleased to report that my commitment to Pastor Dave Nagler at Christ Lutheran Pacific Beach has taken another sharp turn.  Even before I came to St. Peter’s I was committed to helping Christ Lutheran while Pastor Nagler was on sabbatical.  At first that sabbatical was to begin the middle of April and then it was moved to the end of May and now it has been moved to next year.  That means that I can now be your Bridge Pastor for at least that period of time.  I am thankful that often when things don’t work out, they really are working out for the best.   Since I am now more confident of being here for a longer period of time I have decided to start a confirmation class.  That class will have a home school and homework component and I will also schedule some Zoom class time.  If confirmation camp still happens this summer I will go to the camp with our confirmands.  If you know of someone outside the church of confirmation age (6th grade to 9th grade) who might like to attend I would love to have them join the class.  I am also inviting youth from Christ Lutheran to attend.  This is my specialty being a youth pastor for most of my pastoral career and I am excited by the prospect.   We have done our best to feed the spiritual lives of our church community.  We record worship, we have a Zoom fellowship time and we have tried communion at both.  I am working with our deacons to communicate with those who have not been able to navigate the virtual experiences we have provided.  I have also written a daily devotion to maximize the opportunity to worship in our homes.  How are you doing? Are your spiritual lives being fed?  Do you prefer communion as a part of the recorded worship service or the live communion of the Zoom fellowship time?   We are making this up as we go and we would love your thoughts.   If I can have a Zoom confirmation class, we could have a Zoom Bible study.  We tried to have a Zoom choir practice with some success but we still need to work on the inability to have various locations sing at the same time without the delay.  We have some wonderful people working on the issues that were raised.   God is good! We need to find how God is working in this present situation and catch up to His plan for us.     Not meeting together in person is hard but we can find the blessings and learn to discover the movement of the Spirit in new and fresh ways.   Pastor Rick