I’m about five months into this call and here are some things I’d like you to know.   We are living in an unreasonable time and so far I have been entirely grateful for how reasonable
Hello Dear Ones,   As I write this letter, the gospel for Sunday has to do with large crowds of people swarming Jesus, and Jesus’ own need for rest.    Which makes me think of three
St Peters by the Sea Organ Pipes
I’m writing this month to tell you that despite what appear to be setbacks and challenges, we are in a very exciting moment as a congregation. This is why. I recently re-listened to a
St Peters by the Sea Cross Sunshine
Thank you for your warm welcome at my installation service this past month!
Dear Beloveds of God at St. Peters, Last month I wrote about shifting gears and this month I want to write about rhythm.
Pastor Bekki
Hello people of God! I’m here at the end of my first week and this is what I can say – being new during a pandemic is hard but I’m glad to be new with you.  I arrived on Monda
Pastor Rick
As I consider my time at St. Peter’s, I could not have imagined all that was to take place when I first arrived.  I first came to St.
One of my favorite blessings from the Reformation is the concept of the priesthood of all believers.  Leadership is not the call of a chosen few.  We are all called to lead.  We are not
St Peters by the Sea Cross Sunshine
It is easy to get discouraged if you watch the news.  There is so much reporting on the darkness that surrounds us.  But the Gospel has a different emphasis!  The Gospel’s message is th
St Peters by the Sea Front Dust
We’re back!!   In person worship at St.