It is always a joy to celebrate the sacrament of Baptism, but it is a special joy during the Easter season.  Since that is one of my favorite themes I am always on the lookout for the c
St Peters by the Sea Sanctuary
On Renewing Vows O Lord my God, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof; yet you have called your servant to stand in your house, and to serve at your altar.  To you and to
St Peters by the Sea Cross Sunshine
This morning a number of my family members sent me videos of the rapid, overflowing falls in my hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and photos of flooded parks and closed roadways.  T
St Peters by the Sea Sanctuary
The congregation always grieves at the death of a church member or a family member or friend.  It is especially difficult when that person was an active, participating member of the chu
St Peters by the Sea Lutheran Church
At the January Congregation Council meeting I told the Council of my intention to retire as pastor at St.
Fall Thanksgiving

Early last month my sister-in-law sent pictures of the snow that had fallen in South Dakota.  I didn’t even want to look at it!  I am so happy to live in this beautiful weather place


Our stewardship committee and church council are inviting us to participate in a new approach to stewardship.  This year we'll have Consecration Sunday on the first Sunday in Novembe

St Peters by the Sea: Traveling in Japan - Pastor

Some people talk about having a “bucket list” of travel destinations.  I’ve not determined such a list but I was able to take two “trips of a life-time” this summer.

St Peters by the Sea: Saying Goodbye

These past few months have been filled with good-byes at St. Peter’s.  We said good-bye to Scott and Sue McMahan who have moved to their mountain home in Montana.

St Peters by the Sea: Lent Purple Cross

Lent, The Three Days and On Easter and April Fool’s Day Ash Wednesday landed on Valentine’s Day this past month.