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WHEN: on hiatus; please speak with Pastor Bekki for information on Youth Religious Education

WHERE: Classes held at St. Peter's by the Sea

TIME: 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Any absences must be excused in advance and "made up" before the next session.

If you will not be able to attend a class, please call Pastor Bekki at 619-224-2894 before the Sunday you will miss.

Personal Interviews will be held with those who have completed their second year just prior to the celebration of Affirmation of Baptism (held on Reformation Sunday).

Faith Statements will be presented by the candidates during a worship service on a Sunday prior to Confirmation.

Confirmation Camp will be held at Luther Glen (Yucaipa, CA) for one week in June.

At least one session of Camp is required but candidates may attend more often.

Confirmation Sponsor (mentor)

Each candidate will be given a sponsor who will "walk the Confirmation journey" with you. The sponsor will be an adult member of St. Peter's by the Sea who is selected by the Pastor. The sponsor's first commitment is to daily prayer for you!

Disciple, shepherd, deacon, and missionary

Confirmation Candidates are expected to participate in the fullness of Christian life at St. Peter's by the Sea. These are minimum requirements:

  • Attend Worship Service on a regular basis
  • Involvement in one outreach activity in each year
  • Maintain regular contact with your sponsor (Confirmation mentor)
  • Participation in the youth events (SPY)
  • Have four experiences in prayer leadership roles
  • Attend and be an active participant in every Confirmation meeting.