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Are you considering a special gift or an estate gift to your congregation?

If so, we have resources available to you!  Through our wider church body, we can provide you with free access to our Regional Gift Planner. She assists with establishing a comprehensive estate plan that provides for your family and the ministries you care about. 

Our congregation also has a gift policy that we use to make good use of the gifts given to our congregation. Whenever a special gift is given, we have a task force that meets and implements our gift policy so that your gift can get to work doing the ministry you love.  

Contact our pastor, our church Treasurer, or our Stewardship chairperson or visit to connect with our Regional Gift Planner.

Ways to Make a Gift

  1. Cash, check, or money order
  2. Beneficiary designations – primary or secondary/contingent
  3. Asset transfer
  4. Deferred gifts




Resource: ELCA Foundation: 800-638-3522