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  • Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday has come and gone and on that day in worship I spoke these words of the Invitation to Lent:

            We are created to experience joy in communion with God, to love one another,                and to live in harmony with creation. But our sinful rebellion separates us from              God, our neighbors, and creation, so that we do not enjoy the life our creator                         intended.

            As disciples of Jesus, we are called to a discipline that contends against evil and              resists whatever leads us away from love of God and neighbor. I invite you,                     therefore, to the discipline of Lent—self-examination and repentance,                        prayer and fasting, sacrificial giving and works of love—strengthened by the                         gifts of word and sacrament. Let us continue our journey through these forty days            to the great Three Days of Jesus’ death and resurrection. (ELW Leader’s Guide)

Take away #1: Lent is about renewal, not suffering. It’s a season of moving away from forces that deteriorate and destroy and towards the communion with God, one another, and creation that we were created for.

Take away #2: Our tradition offers up 6 practices you can choose from to participate in God’s renewal of your life: Self-examination, repentance, prayer, fasting, sacrificial giving, or works of love. There are more ways to engage Lent than just the traditional notion of giving something up. 

We may be a few weeks into Lent at this point but it’s not too late to take on a practice.  Even if just for a day.  To help you choose a discipline, ask yourself: What is standing between you and deeper communion with God, neighbor, or creation? What could you stand to add to your life so that it looks more like communion with God, neighbor and creation?

These are questions to guide your journey as individuals as well as questions for our congregation. What do we need to fast from, give up, repent of, or change? What acts of sacrificial giving, works of love or prayer would allow us to better participate in God’s renewal of our congregation?

I’m grateful to spend this refreshing season with you all!



Pastor Bekki