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Happy Easter, dear people of St. Peter’s!


Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia! 


Thank you to everyone who has leant a hand to make our Lent, Holy Week and Easter such meaningful experiences. Thank you to those who brought soup, salads, and bread for the Lenten Suppers.  Thank you to Betty Wells and Solveig Fuentes and others for creating such well-tended space for supper and worship each week.  Thank you to all who helped with clean up during lent and on Easter morning - all who set up or tore down chairs.  Thanks to all who provided music throughout the season - extra cantors and musicians.  Thank you to Joe DeMers for all your good planning and execution in providing us with terrific music.  Thank you to all who provided a dish or volunteer time for Easter Brunch! Thank you to our Education team for hosting another successful Easter Event for the Kids! Thank you to Charles Lauger and Lyle Boelter and John Smart for all their leadership in the realm of technology and live-streaming. Thank you to Jim Grutkowski for washing more communion cups than we could count! Lastly, thank you to Darlene Truver who stepped in to cover the office while Janine was out and to Janine Morrow for stepping back in and together for the exceptional administrative work of creating bulletins and all the behind the scenes work of Lent and Easter!  Our church is an embarrassment of riches and we are blessed by all who give of themselves to make this ministry happen.


Beyond words of thanks, I’ll leave you with a poem by Jan Richardson which she wrote as a reflection to Mary Magdalene’s encounter with the risen Lord on Easter Sunday.  From her book, Circle of Grace: A Book of Blessings for the Seasons, The Magdalene’s Blessing; For Easter Day:


You hardly imagined

Standing here,

Everything you ever loved

Suddenly returned to you,

Looking you in the eye

And calling your name.


And now

You do not know 

How to abide this hole

In the center

Of your chest

Where a door

Slams shut

And swings open

At the same time,

Turning on the hinge

Of your aching

And hopeful heart.


I tell you,

This is not a banishment

From the garden.

This is an invitation,

A choice,

A threshold,

A gate.

This is your life

Calling to you

From a place

You could never

Have dreamed,

But now that you

Have glimpsed its edge,

You cannot imagine

Choosing any other way.


So let the tears come

As anointing,

As consecration,

And then

Let them go.


Let this blessing

Gather itself around you.

Let it give you

What you will need

For this journey.


You will not remember

The words-

They do not matter.


All you need to remember

Is how it sounded

When you stood

In the place of death

And heard the living

Call your name.


Joyfully, Pastor Bekki