On a Final Month

St. Peter's by the Sea Council 2019
There is a lot going on at St. Peter’s in September as I wind down my ministry as your pastor at the end of the month.  September 1 we will welcome Tara Burns as a member (the 137th new member welcomed here since I arrived in 2003) and welcome her infant son, Chance, to the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. (That makes 106 baptisms that I was honored to celebrate here since 2003.) Tara is an east coast native but has been a west coast girl for over 10 years.  She is a chemist and works as a process engineer.  Tara was raised in the Catholic Church and has found a good welcome and peace at St. Peter’s.  Her older son, Jake, is an active seven yr. old who spends half of his time with his father and step-mother.  He is proud to be the big brother in both families.  Welcome, Tara, Jake and Chance. Sunday, September 8th will be a great day of joy and celebration!  Rally Sunday worship will be led by the children and youth of our congregation.  Our Confirmation Candidates will be sharing their Faith Statements that Sunday.  A bounce house will add to the fun during fellowship time following worship.  During Vacation Bible School this past month we were so happy to see over 40 children who are learning to love Jesus and are growing in the knowledge that they are beloved children of God.  When Stella and Pearl Hernandez-Jackson came in the door on the first day of VBS they asked when they could receive their First Holy Communion.  We will be celebrating with them on Sept. 8th.  What joy to see the eager hands of children reaching out for the Bread of Life. (I counted 91 “firsts” recorded in our Parish Register but there were probably many unrecorded as so many visitors on Christmas and Easter join in sharing Holy Communion…some for the first time.) September 15th is Confirmation Sunday.  Hannah Zimmermann, Maya Slaughter, Samantha O’Brien and Ian Smart will affirm their baptism at the 9:30am worship service.  What a joy it has been to spend time with the young people of St. Peter’s.  This confirmation celebration with four of our favorite middle school people will bring my Confirmation total to 35 since I came to St. Peter’s in 2003.  Thank you to the Confirmation Sponsors who have prayed for and talked with the 2019 candidates:  Scott Walls, Carole Otterstad, Rosemary Sutter and Steve Silva. On September 22nd we will welcome Bishop Taylor to St. Peter’s to preach on my last Sunday at St. Peter’s.  I am just filled with so much gratitude!   For sixteen years and five months I have loved you and that will not end.  I promise my continued love and prayers for each of you and for those you love.  I hope to be able to say a personal good-bye to each of you at worship on the 22nd or at the party that evening.  And during this time of transition my prayers are for the Congregation, the Call Committee and the pastor God will send to St. Peter’s by the Sea.  Living in God’s most amazing grace, Pastor Karen Marohn