On Having Heart Burn

St Peters by the Sea Sanctuary
Well, I don’t really have heart burn, but my heart is burning…burning with love for St. Peter’s, burning with thankfulness for your love for me, burning with gratitude at your generosity, burning with appreciation for 16 plus years of kindness and shared faith.  When I arrived here in 2003 I met a grieving congregation.  The sudden death of your pastor left the congregation in shock and not too open to new ways or new ideas.  But in time you were able to be open to me, your new pastor.  Thank you for your welcome.  I know that you will extend that welcome to the next pastor too.  You know how to welcome and include.  Keep up that good work! It is hard to say good-bye but you did “farewell me” in such beautiful ways with so many thoughtful cards and expressions of love and care to me.  Thank you.  Although I am writing this before the Sunday morning service of Thanksgiving at the Conclusion of a Call and the retirement party that evening, I will say “it was great!”  Thank you to all who worked so long and hard to make it so. My heart is filled with pride that I have been part of this congregation for so long. I never tire of bragging about you all to other pastors and church leaders in the Pacifica Synod and the wider church.  Whenever I get a chance, I tell about our successful All Are Welcome capital campaign, our desire to reach out to our community and the world in need, our Endowment Fund that does so much good work, our preschool, the deep and true friendships that are based in this church family, and so much more. Thank you.  I love you.  Pastor Karen Marohn