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Preschool Director: Dori

Hi! My name is Dori and this will be my 2nd year as Director at St Peter’s Preschool. I started as a parent then, I was an aid for 2.5 years and a teacher for 15. I will be celebrating 19 years on staff in September.

Taking over as director in a worldwide pandemic has had its challenges, but the supportive staff and amazing generosity of the church congregation has helped so much. I took the position of director in such a crazy time because the families and staff of St Peter’s means so much to me. I want us all to have a safe, emotionally, educationally sound, and fun environment in which to learn and grow.

I have lived in PL/OB for 20+ years and feel I have found heaven on Earth. I look forward to spending my days with your children and feel so blessed to be a part of their early childhood development. I am excited for another great year in kindness, love and God’s grace.


(619) 224-1689 Preschool